Hey Vick, FU

Hey Vick, Fuck YOU!!!!!!!

Hi Michael (or Mike, or whatever the fuck you want to be called) welcome back to society. I would like to welcome you back with a big FUCK YOU!

Tim Tebow: Part Jedi, Part Monk, ALL IDIOT

All-American University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow admitted yesterday that he is in fact a virgin, rendering the normally chatty batch of reporters on hand utterly fucking speechless.

Kiki releases much hyped solo debut; Set to crush music world

(MOUNT AIRY LODGE, PA) — Former NBA player and full-time ass melter, Kiki Vandeweghe, released his much hyped and highly anticipated musical debut Tuesday, “I Won’t Play Any D Baby”, immediately becoming the highest selling jazz-flute album ever.

The Hernia Bucket List

At least once a year, those manly, extreme magazines found at Hudson News stores in airports or 7-11s post lists of “50 things to do before you die.” The lists are generally way too ambitious, time-consuming and expensive to achieve, leaving only the likes of someone such as Scrooge McDuck able to actually complete them – because he is not real.

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